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This is one of my first completed pieces as a 3D artist. I was able to participate in every stage of the production process from brainstorming and creating original sketches to presenting the final animation.


This began as a passion project between my friend Layton Nosbush and I in the summer of 2018. It manifested itself one late night in the animation studio at MCAD. We wanted to create something to demonstrate our abilities. It was the first time we took on a project of this scope, and despite a tight deadline, we were able to submit it to the Minnesota Electronics Theater (MET). We won runner up in visual effects and animation.


Parallel was a year and a half long project that I collaborated on with four other animators. I focused to solve lighting and compositing challenges but also assisted the team in the areas of modeling, layout, shading, and rendering. It was a large undertaking and pushed us all to create something that would have a lasting impression in the small animation community of Minneapolis, Minnesota.